Alaska House Tells Federal Government to Stay Out of Legalized Marijuana

With so many worries about the federal government possibly cracking down on legalized marijuana, many states are standing up and demanding the Department of Justice stay away. And the state of Alaska is adding its name to that list.

The Alaska House of Representatives unanimously voted to tell the federal government to not interfere in their state's recreational marijuana market. All 38 representatives said the federal government should respect Alaska laws, and also urged Congress to reclassify marijuana off of its current Schedule I narcotic status.

The bill will now go to the Alaska Senate to see if they'll pass the measure as well. So far, the state's senate has resisted measures to make an official statement in regards to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to rescind protections for states with legalized marijuana.

But Alaska Governor Bill Walker has been one of the most outspoken state leaders in recent months to criticize Sessions' attitudes towards cannabis. 

Can't we let Alaska keep its marijuana? They don't have anything else up there, except for endless snow!

(h/t Cannabist)


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