Alaska Sets Record for Marijuana Taxes Collected in January

It seems every state with recreational marijuana is setting new records for taxes being brought in, and it turns out Alaska is no different.

Alaska's Department of Revenue announced that the state had brought in a record amount of marijuana taxes in January. According to a spokesperson, the state brought in over $1 million in taxes two months ago. Overall the state says it's brought in over $7 million since beginning recreational sales in October 2016.

Obviously, $1 million in tax revenue doesn't seem like a lot, particularly when you compare it to Colorado who's brought in over half a billion dollars since legalizing cannabis in 2014. But then you have to remember that Colorado has a population of 5.5 million, whereas Alaska's is under 750,000. Only Wyoming, Delaware and North Dakota have smaller populations than Alaska.

Alaskan state law requires that half of the money collected from cannabis taxes go to programs aimed to prevent repeat offenders from committing crimes.

If you can stand the cold, then it might be time to consider moving to Alaska.

(h/t Cannabist)


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