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"Be A Part Of The Future And Just Legalize And Regulate Cannabis And Hemp ASAP" - Alan Bader Of Elevate

After Elevate co-founder Alan Bader received a degree in Industrial Design in Denver, CO, he worked professionally for a small startup as the lead product designer creating luxury jewelry from wood and precious metals, gaining valuable knowledge about CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, and other modern manufacturing techniques. His close bonds with the manufacturers he’s worked with and his passion for cannabis and high design paved the way for Elevate to be born.

Tell us about your typical day.
I get up as early as I can, but I’m not much of a morning person. So, that’s usually around 7am. I do yoga/meditation and a light workout before eating. I start work around 9am. I like to answer emails first and take care of “administrative” tasks. Then, I make sure we have everything we need to fulfill orders that day. After that, I work on any number of pressing issues related to new product designs/development, product photography/web design, or manufacturing. Some days I wrap up around 6pm. Other days, I work until 9, 10, or 11pm.

What's the biggest misconception about the marijuana industry?
In my opinion, outsiders think the people in the industry are all lazy or unmotivated. That’s simply not true.

What's one prediction you have for the marijuana industry five years from now?
Medical legalization at the federal level.

What is one change you'd like to see happen in the cannabis industry?
I’d like to see the public perception of cannabis users change. In order for that to happen, influencers, artists, etc, need to stop perpetuating the old stereotypes. At the same time, more mainstream people need to come out about their cannabis use.

What's your perfect setting to consume? (place, music, food, etc.)
End of the day, preferably a productive day so it feels like a reward, is my ideal setting. In the sun on the back porch at my IPA from Colorado pairs well...listening to sounds of the neighborhood.

What is your go-to munchie?
A smoothie, if I have time to make one. Or, a snack plate of apples, good cheese, crunchy peanut butter, carrots and hummus hits the spot.

Elevate Accessories

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What's your favorite (and least favorite) way to consume cannabis?
I enjoy it all, but specific delivery methods depend on the day and time. I used to not like edibles much, but I am slowly learning to like them as I get older. I love to dab, but I can’t dab certain uplifting strains because they make me too wired.

Name something that you've tried once but won't ever try again.
Eating snails. Tasted great, gave me the worst food poisoning of my life. They say, “It only takes one.” I won’t test my luck again.

Tell us the story of the first time you consumed marijuana.
It was 20 years ago. I was 15 (I can’t believe I still remember it). It was the last day of freshman year. I told my best friend I just wanted to get “fucked up” and sure enough, my neighbor was having a little gathering/sesh. We headed over and joined the fun. The weed was low grade, but the joint we smoked was as pregnant as it gets! Everyone knew it was my first time and decided they would mess with me a little by talking really slowly, generally acting weird, and making me laugh harder than I ever have since. We didn’t have far to go to get home. Once home, we promptly killed an entire pack of Oreos together. I never looked back. It was apparent that weed was for me!

Do you have a message for Donald Trump and/or Jeff Sessions? What would that message be?
Dear Mr Trump and Mr Sessions, You like money, right? I know of this burgeoning new industry that is as ripe as it gets and has more potential than the tobacco and alcohol industries, combined. It will even give the pharmaceutical industry a run for its money. Yep, I’m talking about cannabis. Not just the stuff you smoke to get high or to help ailments, but hemp, too. Be a part of the future and just legalize and regulate cannabis and hemp ASAP. Between hemp and medical/recreational cannabis, every industry and every citizen in America stands to benefit. Don’t forget about all the jobs— I know how much you like jobs!


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