Alabama Police Chief Found With Marijuana in His Cop Car

Police officers are normally against marijuana to almost ridiculous and irrational levels. But apparently one Alabama police chief was a little more supportive of cannabis.

Lipscomb, Alabama police chief Brian "Scott" Martin (the "Scott" is in quotations in the original story, so I have no idea if that's his nickname or why it's in quotations) was arrested on Wednesday after other authorities found marijuana in his home and patrol car. The search also turned up two bongs, and Martin was charged with misdemeanor charges of second-degree marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Another person, Crystal Lynn Tindle who apparently lives with Martin, was also arrested on the same charges.

Martin initially denied knowing anything about the marijuana in his house or car, but he later changed his statement acknowledging he knew about the cannabis in the home but denied any knowledge of it in his car.

The city of Lipscomb has suspended Martin indefinitely.

We'd love to know how many people Martin arrested for these very same marijuana violations while serving in the police. Also, pretty ballsy keeping your stash in a patrol car. He better hope the town's police dogs never got a good smell of that interior.



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