Alabama Man Sentenced to Three Years in Prison for Growing Seven Marijuana Plants

While we're living in the most progressive age for marijuana laws in the United States, there's still plenty of places with draconian rules in place. And a new story from Alabama reminds us exactly how ridiculous they are.

A man from Alabama, Robert Michael Musick, was recently convicted for growing seven marijuana plants in his own backyard. Authorities said that the seven plants could yield up to 15 pounds of marijuana, and an Alabama prosecutor charged him with drug trafficking. Musick will now serve three years in prison and another two years on probation. 

This was actually the second trial Musick faced from his 2015 arrest. The first trial ended with a hung jury because one of the jurors didn't believe marijuana should be illegal. The second trial ended with his conviction.

Obviously this is completely ridiculous. The idea that someone growing seven marijuana plants in their backyard should be treated like a drug trafficker is completely backwards. And the authorities spent the resources on not just one, but two trials for Musick?

But then again, this is the state that repeatedly elected Jeff Sessions to office, so maybe it's a little easier to understand.

(h/t Cannabist)


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