Nap Pods Will Be Available in Some Airports This Year

The worst part about going to an airport is sitting in those uncomfortable chairs while you wait for your flight to begin boarding. But now a new addition to airports could make that issue a thing of the past.

Airports in Europe are considering introducing AirPods by the end of this year. The pods basically look like small, futuristic escape pods. But inside there's a comfy chair that can transform into a bed so waiting passengers can take a nap while they wait for their flight. The pods can also help charge devices, contain Wi-Fi and have enough room to store your luggage. 

The pods will also contain a television screen with Netflix so passengers can simply binge watch their favorite shows while they wait. They're also designed to reduce noise so you won't have the hustle and bustle of a busy airport bothering you while catching some shut eye. And they'll even include an alarm so you won't oversleep and miss your flight.

The pods are currently only in beta status, and will be introduced in a few European airports by the end of the year. But the goal is to get these pods in airports around the world soon. 

Finally, a reason to get to the airport early that doesn't involve getting through massive security lines.

(h/t Travel and Leisure)


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