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Study of 160 Million Flights Discovers that Airlines Are Lying to You

Airlines are already not the most popular companies in many people's eyes, so you'll probably be even more upset to find out that they've been lying to you for years.

A study of 160 million flights from 1990 to 2016 found that airlines have been increasing the estimated amount of time for flights to make customers happier. For instance, if a flight's supposed to take five hours, they'll say it'll take five and a half hours. That way, the flight will land a half an hour before it was supposed to, and you'll think the airline was super efficient. Padding the scheduling time also means less delays because flights are arriving to their destinations earlier than they're scheduled to do so.

And while airlines are padding their schedules to give the illusion that they're moving quicker than ever, the truth is flights are actually taking longer than they did in the past. Here's what one researcher told NPR:

"Airlines are arriving earlier relative to their schedule so there are fewer delays, and we're all happy about that, but if you look at how long it actually takes to complete the flight, it's taking longer than it used to. So we're spending more time in the air at the same time being told we're arriving early."

So basically airlines are becoming more inefficient while giving out false information to give the illusion that they're actually become more efficient.

I feel like there's a word for this time of FRAUDulent behavior?

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