Artificial Intelligence That Can Predict Your Death Was Just Given FDA Approval

Many scientific experts have warned about the possible dangers of artificial intelligence. But a new A.I. innovation could actually help prevent millions of deaths.

A new artificial intelligence algorithm that can predict a person's death just received approval from the FDA. The algorithm takes into account a variety of factors, physiology, past medical history, family history, medications and age, to determine if a patient is about to experience a sudden, unexpected death. The company behind the algorithm says it can detect if something's wrong up to six hours before an actual doctor would. 

Various studies have proven the effectiveness of this AI. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center used the platform to prevent several unexpected deaths, and a study in Stanford of a similar technology found AI to be able to prevent 90 percent of unexpected deaths. 

The company behind the AI says their technology right now is intended to be used in hospitals, but they hope to produce a wearable device with the same features that would be available to the general public. 

The best thing about this AI is that when all other AI technology decides to band together to destroy humanity, this algorithm would be able to tell us that it's about to happen!

(h/t IFLScience)


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