After Opposing Legalization In California, Rapper B-Real Opens Pot Shop

Cypress Hill and Prophets of Rage member B-Real is opening a cannabis dispensary - called Dr. Greenthumb's, of course - on August 15 in Sylmar, California.

To anyone familiar with Cypress Hill's pro-cannabis discography, the move might not sound shocking. But it is somewhat of a surprise considering B-Real was an opponent of Proposition 64 - the bill that legalized recreational marijuana for adults in the Golden State in 2016. Back then, he argued that the proposed regulations would serve big business and would disadvantage small entrepreneurs.

"I was opposed to it at the time because some of the new regulations and penalties along with overwhelming taxation which seemed to be unfair to smaller businesses," B-Real said in a statement sent to Marijuana Moment. "Additionally, a number of other complicated issues that are just now being addressed with new and changing policies. I still think there are things that need further due diligence to give the small business owner a chance at succeeding before the big businesses start to come into play."

The rapper hopes to help out fellow small businesses in the area by giving some of Dr. Greenthumb's proceeds back to the community.

Check out a sneak peek of the dispensary in this clip:


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