Africa Receives It's First Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The first African medical marijuana dispensary has opened in Durban, South Africa. And while medical marijuana has yet to be legalized there, personal cannabis use is non-punishable.

As of right now, the dispensary is only selling cannabis products without THC. Kirithi Thaver says they have been getting calls from all over the country about medical marijuana. As of right now, the dispensary houses a traditional South African healer, but they hope to also have a physician and chiropractor on site soon.

"[We want to] break the stigma on cannabis, to showcase that cannabis can be used effectively to treat a number of conditions and to integrate medical professionals as well as traditional healers to allow the whole of South Africa a holistic approach to health care," Thaver told Al Jazeera.

Thaver hopes that South Africa will soon follow the example of other African countries who have begun to implement medical marijuana programs.


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