Adam Devine Used to Host Smoke Seshes with Fans on the Set of 'Workaholics'

Lots of people take their work home with them, but not many actually live at work like Adam Devine did in the early years of the hit Comedy Central show 'Workaholics.' Devine and his co-stars Blake Anderson and Anders Holm actually lived in the house where the show was shot, and to unwind after busy workdays, they sometimes had smoke seshes with fans.

"A lot of people don't know that we lived in that house [where 'Workaholics' was shot]," Devine told Sean Evans on the latest episode of 'Hot Ones.' "That was our house, so all of season one, we were living there. So grips were running cables and setting up lights in my bedroom as I'm waking up....and then I'd walk out in my boxer shorts to get craft services in the morning."

And when 'Workaholics' fans found out that the show's stars were living on the set, they soon stopped by the house to meet the cast...and have a smoke sesh on the roof—just like the fictional characters on the show.

"We had people coming over and wanting to smoke weed on the roof, which we would do sometimes. Sometimes we would climb on the roof with a stranger," Devine recalled, but those days were short lived because either the weed or the unexpected company started making him paranoid.

"You get on roofs too many times with strangers, and you're like. 'This is weird. Like, is this how I die?' Some deranged fan is like, 'I could just push him off.' So then we kinda stopped climbing on the roofs."

Devine also discussed how working as a telemarketer inspired 'Workaholics,' and how he almost blew his 'Pitch Perfect' audition because he thought the musical comedy was actually about baseball. Check out the full interview in the clip below.


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