Adam Carolla Rants About Today's Marijuana Being Too Strong

Celebrity podcaster Adam Carolla supports marijuana legalization, but there's one thing he doesn't like about today's weed. It's too damn strong.

"The problem with marijuana is that it's a little too good," he said in a recent interview with Spike. "Back when I used to smoke was a lot of shake and a lot of leaves. And you'd open a Yes album, and you'd have to get the stems from the seeds, from the shake, from the leaves, and you'd separate everything. And then you'd smoke on it And then you'd go, "Are you high? I think I'm high. I feel high. Are you high? Are we high?"

And he misses those days because weed today freaks him out -- in terms of the appearance ("it's got weird purple pubes growing on it") and effect. "I'm having a psychotic episode at a party, throwing my kids in the pool, yelling "God will save us all!'" he added.

But he has a solution -- one inspired by NASCAR, of course. Check it out in this clip.


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