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Marijuana Activists Giving Out Free Cannabis in Washington D.C. Today

There are many ways to get people to join your cause. Create an awesome ad campaign, spread your message through social media, etc. Or you could just do what one group in Washington D.C. is doing and give out free bags of marijuana.

The group "Haunted by HUD" is hosting a protest today in front of the Department of Housing and Urban Development against strict regulations imposed on people living in federally funded housing. One of those rules says that anyone caught with marijuana in their residence is subject to eviction, even if the person purchased the cannabis legally. So as part of their protest, "Haunted by HUD" is giving out free time bags of marijuana to people who attend.

Adam Eidinger is one of the organizers of the "Haunted by HUD" event, and he's run similar marijuana giveaways in the past. A protest for President Trump's inauguration last January went off without a hitch, but an attempt to do a similar giveaway on April 20th at the U.S. Capitol led to Eidinger and six other activists getting arrested.

The Haunted by HUD protest specifically calls out a 2014 memo from the Department that said anyone with a controlled substance, including marijuana, must be evicted from their federally funded residence and that owners of those properties needed to set up policies to do so. It also specifically said that these rules are still valid in places where marijuana is legal, because it is still a controlled substance at the federal level.

Eidinger says these rules are discriminatory and also means that low-income residents in areas with legal marijuana are being denied lawful access to the drug that high-income individuals do not have to face.

And if you're worried about getting arrested, don't be! Washington D.C law allows people to give away marijuana, just not the buying or selling of it.

That's definitely a way to improve awareness to your cause.

(h/t Washingtonian)


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