Activist 'NJWeedman' Unsuccessfully Tries To Get Arrested on Marijuana Charges

Outspoken New Jersey cannabis advocate Ed Forchion, better known by his nickname NJWeedman, staged a demonstration at the state governor’s office where he smoked, sold and gave away marijuana in an apparent attempt to get himself arrested, according to an article from USA Today.

He was not successful.

The activist, who has been engaged in several efforts to have his name legally changed to (he’s been denied by two courts), has a long legal history when it comes to his outspoken support of cannabis rights.

After his last arrest in 2017, he was denied bail and held in pretrial detention, where he held a hunger strike for nearly two weeks. He was acquitted on charges of witness tampering after a second trial and was released after 447 days in jail.

This latest demonstration was an attempt to draw attention to racial disparities in marijuana arrests in the state, and what he saw to be preferential treatment for white entrepreneurs In the industry.

He conducted this protest outside of the state building surround by police. When authorities asked him what they were doing, Forchion defiantly stated that they were selling weed.

"Okay, great. Just move it all back down that way," said the officer.

New Jersey’s current marijuana ban is in the process of being replaced with new legislation to legalize cannabis, restricted to businesses that are licensed and taxed by the state.


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