Activist Is ‘Buried Alive’ To Draw Attention To Opioid Crisis & Addiction

The opioid crisis is a national emergency. In 2015 alone, it claimed the lives of 64, 000 Americans and cost more than half a trillion dollars. Now, John Edwards, a 62-year-old Irish activist, is bringing attention to the epidemic in an unusual way: he’s buried himself alive.

Currently, Edwards can be found in an 8’x3’ box outside a church in Tampa, Florida. His current roost has a bed, air conditioning, a toilet setup, and most importantly, internet. Edwards takes calls and emails from anyone who wants to talk.

You see, Edwards is a former addict who has been clean for 27 years, and he wants to use this stunt to reach people who need help:

"When I needed drugs, I would do whatever I needed to do to get the money for the drugs," says Edwards on one of his livestreams. "So, I’ve taken that kind of energy, I’ve flipped it, and I’ve used it to help other people. So, I’m able to tell myself, ‘I will not get claustrophobic’, and I won’t. I’m able to tell myself, ‘I’ll stay in this coffin as long as it takes to reach as many people as possible’."

You can watch his livestreams on Facebook or his website. He uses the hashtag #GraveChat. 

h/t Miami Herald


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