Aaron Paul Says He's 'Been Called Bitch More Than Anyone On The Planet'

Aaron Paul says he probably holds the Guinness World Record for getting cussed out in public.

"I think I've been called 'bitch' more than anyone on the planet," he told Jimmy Kimmel last week. It happens "every day," added Paul, who dropped the b-word on a weekly basis as Jesse Pinkman on 'Breaking Bad,' which debuted 10 years ago this month. So to pay homage to the series, people throw in a few cusses while greeting him on the street.

But that doesn't bother Paul. He actually appreciates the profane outpouring of affection.

"I'm proud of that," he added. That said, he hopes people cut back a bit when he's out and about with his newborn daughter. Check out this clip for more reflections on his 'Breaking Bad.'


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