New Mexico School Bans 10-Year-Old Student Because He Uses Medical Marijuana

Ten-year old Anthony Brick can't do schoolwork without the help of medical marijuana, but his school won't let him attend class because of his medication.

Brick has been diagnosed with undifferentiated schizophrenia, PTSD and ADHD. And until a few years ago, he needed constant medical attention.

"We would spend our lives literally living in and out of these hospitals and the pharmaceuticals would just dope him where he would just sit there with his head down all day," Tisha Brick, Anthony's mother, told KOB 4.

Things began to turn around once Anthony received medical permission to use marijuana.

"He couldn't do his schoolwork. He really didn't talk to very many people – medical cannabis has changed it to where he is more sociable," Tisha explained. "He can actually learn a little bit better and he can be around people and function like a normal person."

Now he loves going to school.

"It's fun," Anthony said. "You get to meet a lot of new people and I have a lot of friends there, and so we learn a lot about fun things."

But last fall, Anthony was removed from his Estancia Elementary School because of his medication. The family was told in a letter written by the school superintendent that regardless of the legal status of medical marijuana in New Mexico, cannabis is strictly forbidden from school grounds.

"It's very frustrating," Tisha Brick said. "He's been out of school for the whole school year. It's impacted our lives in ways you can't even imagine."

Tisha is hoping to spur change in the system by taking legal action against the school system.

"I want to create change statewide," she said. "I want all students to be able to school without being discriminated against."


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