Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States just over a year ago, which has provided many TV shows and hosts with great material. Stephen Colbert and “The Late Show” are among one of the shows that has dedicated a lot of its jokes and material to Trump. Now is certainly the time to be well-informed, so Colbert is providing his audience with news followed by many jokes and mockery.

Most recently, Colbert recorded a new segment he calls “Stephen Colbert’s Bench Warmer”, in which he discusses Trump’s appointed judges. Since taking office, Trump has placed 13 judges, with another 46 awaiting confirmation. Colbert points out Justice Department Advisor Brett Talley, who Trump appointed to serve as District Judge of Alabama. Many criticize this decision because Talley has practiced law for less than three years and he’s never tried a case. The American Bar Association also gave Talley a rare “not qualified” rating, but he’s still waiting to be confirmed. In the meantime, Talley can spend his time writing more horror novels, as he’s already penned a number including “He Who Walks in Shadow” and “Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mewed”.