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A-Rod: 'There Is No Better Feeling Than Getting Booed On The Road'

Former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez has been retired for just over a year now. And while he'd love to hang out in clubhouses and step up to the plate again, there's one part of professional baseball that he misses more than the rest.

"There is no better feeling than getting booed on the road," A-Rod — who says he has a Ph.D. in booing — told Jimmy Kimmel yesterday. "And there's no worse feeling than getting booed at home. And I've been both. A lot. It's awful."

And if you thought the ambience of the stadium crowd drowned out your jeers, think again. "Anyone who says 'I don't hear it,' they're lying. We hear it," Rodriguez added.

He also explained how teammates help each other overcome hurt feelings when their own fans turn on them. Unfortunately, they aren't around to help him deal with his fickle daughters, who are using A-Rod to get closer with his celebrity girlfriend: Jennifer Lopez.

"My daughters think their dad is a hero now, for the first time," A-Rod said. "They think they went to heaven. Now they're hanging out with Jennifer backstage. They're dancing, they're singing with her. We usually call once a day on FaceTime. Now they call me three, four, five times. And it's funny because I pick up the phone...and I can see them looking around. And they're like, 'Where's Jennifer?' And I say, 'Oh, she went to the set already. She's working.' And they're like, 'Oh, okay, Dad. I'll call you later.'"

Ouch. Luckily A-Rod's been hit with enough wild pitches that he can probably walk off the sting from his daughters' rejection. 


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