Dudes, Take Note: Holding A Puppy Makes You Quantifiably Sexier To Women

You know what they say about a man holding a puppy: he is automatically 24 percent more bangable than a man not holding a puppy.

Okay, so maybe ‘they’ don’t say that – but that’s only because researchers just proved it (although, let's be honest, did they really need to?)

A new survey from South Florida toy company Petsies found that holding a puppy makes men more attractive to women.

The researchers showed 1,000 Americans pictures of people with and without dogs and cats. Participants were tasked with rating the pictures based on the type of animal subjects were holding.  

Women saw men as 13.4 percent more attractive and 23.8 percent sexier when they were snuggling a puppy.

Men holding puppies (and bigger dogs, too) were also perceived as more trustworthy and intelligent.

This isn’t the first time a study has pointed to the fact that men with dogs are more desirable mates. Israeli researchers, for example, found that women preferred dog-owners for long-term relationships because owning a dog demonstrates care and responsibility.  

Another study – conducted in France – suggested owning a dog can increase social interaction and makes others perceive you as kinder, more thoughtful and more sensitive.

In other words: boot it to the animal shelter. Or at the very least, get yourself one of those calendars filled with men holding puppies to hang above your bed. That might do the trick (although why pass up an excuse to get a puppy?)

h/t Men’s Health



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