A Parkinson's Disease Center In Florida Is Introducing Patients To Medical Marijuana

Parkinson Place, a Parkinson's disease centre in Florida, has established a partnership with the Neurology of Cannabis Clinic to help provide patients with medical marijuana.

Larry Hoffheimer, the founder of Parkinson Place, says cannabis treatments for Parkinson's is something he's been interested in for a long time. Now, he is finally able to bring it to his patients.

"The Parkinson community has been very curious about medical cannabis. I’ve been on the lookout for someone that can basically see patients here and order cannabis on a needed basis," Hoffheimer told SNN News.

He recently struck a deal with Dr. Daniel Stein, a neurologist and founder of the Neurology of Cannabis Clinic. Dr. Stein will be working at Parkinson Place to provide patients with cannabis treatments for their condition, something many of the people there were not aware was an option.

"For many years cannabis has been stigmatized as evil or unhealthy or addictive and what we need to do and what we are going to do and what we are going to do here at Parkinson Place is educate the public."

Stein says the implementation of medical marijuana for these patients could help reduce many of the medications they need to take, as cannabis can often be used to treat multiple symptoms and replace more dangerous opioids. Reducing the number of drugs a patient needs to take could also save them money in the long run, a benefit that patients like Ronald Christofaro say they are looking forward to.

"You’re retired now and you really don’t have a lot of money and you have these expenses because of the disease you have."


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