A New Report Says Even With High Levels Of Voter Support Lawmakers Still Aren't On Board With Cannabis Legalization

A new report published by Date of Progress found that in most cases, legislators aren't representing voter's desires for cannabis legalization. This is despite the fact that most people do, in fact, support legalization.

The study specifically looked at the voting records of House Democrats on a host of political issues, one of which was cannabis legalization. The study measured support for cannabis legalization by determining if the individuals had co-sponsored either the REFER Act of 2018 or the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017. Additional information was collected to determine if any House Democrats supported cannabis legalization other than these particular pieces of legislation, says Sean McElwee, the study's lead author.

"We also sent out emails to every member of Congress and to their staffers. We also checked their websites," McElwee, told Herb. "So if anyone had wanted to indicate their support, they had an opportunity to do so."

The study found that while 72% of all Democratic voters support cannabis legalization, those numbers are not reflected in the House. A mere 26% of House Democrats were determined to support cannabis legalization.

And while the study didn't look at House Republican or Independent support for cannabis it is worth noting that voter support continues to be high in those camps as well. 61% of Republican and 76% of Independent voters in support of legalizing cannabis. This means that the majority of voters on all sides of the political debate are in favor of some sort of cannabis reform and politicians should be taking note if they want to get the vote.


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