A Museum Of Cannabis Is Opening in Las Vegas This Summer

Las Vegas will be getting a new marijuana-themed attraction this summer with the opening of Cannabition, a cannabis museum.

"Cannabition is an immersive cannabis museum celebrating the cannabis lifestyle through a series of non-consumption, multi-sensory art installations telling the story of the plant from seed to harvest," says the museum's website.

Entrance to the museum is restricted to adults over the age of 21. And while recreational cannabis has been legal in Nevada since 2017, public consumption is banned. Residents are only allowed to use cannabis on private property. Because of this, Cannabition will not be offering any marijuana products or consumption on site.

However, they will have the worlds largest glass-blown bong (it will be 22 feet tall) and a 360-theater, says Las Vegas Review Journal.

The museum is set to open on July 1 at the Neonopolis Complex. Tickets are set to cost $4.20, of course.


President Trump's 2020 budget request includes a loophole that would let Washington, DC finally open up dispensaries for recreational cannabis. Although DC voters passed a ballot initiative to legalize recreational cannabis back in 2014, Congress has used its power over the nation's capital to prevent it from selling cannabis for recreational use. Right now, local dispensaries can only sell medical marijuana to registered patients thanks to Congress, which controls spending in the District of Columbia.

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