A Mormon Doctor Is Backing The Marijuana Ballot In Utah

Dan Cottam, a physician and member of the LDS Church is coming out against the Church's opposition to cannabis legalization. He believes their decision was made with the best intent, but is "misguided."

"Marijuana is at least a hundred times safer than narcotics. And it's at least a hundred times safer than alcohol. And it's probably a hundred and thirty times safer than cigarettes," Cottam told 2News.

The LDS Church had released a statement opposing the proposed marijuana ballot slated for November in Utah. In part they were responding to a statement issued by the Utah Medical Association (UMA) which followed a similar line.

Cottam, who is also a member of the UMA, says he was not consulted about the decision.

"There was no poll taken, or no survey taken of how the members feel. It was just how the board felt."

"By coming out against marijuana [the UMA] are actually hurting more people then helping more people."

Cottam wholly believes in the medical application of cannabis and has previously sent patients out of state to receive medical marijuana. He, like many others, also sees it as a potential fix in the opioid crisis.


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