A Missouri State Representative Says Facebook Blocked His Post About A Medical Marijuana Bill

Facebook has blocked efforts to boost a post about a new medical marijuana bill, according to Missouri State Representative Shamed Dogan (R). 

"I had just made a post saying that we passed a medical marijuana bill," Dogan told KOMV recently. "They said it was because it was promoting the use of illegal drugs." 

Dogan had been responsible for amending the incoming medical marijuana legislation in Missouri to cover epilepsy, PTSD and HIV.

Support for medical marijuana is high in his district, says Dogan, with most of his constituents saying the support it.

"I've been doing a survey of my constituents every year. And every year it comes back with over two-thirds of people, in West County, in a Republican-conservative district supporting medical marijuana."

After Facebook blocked his post, Dogan says he "made a big stink about it," receiving support from Republicans and Democrats alike in the unfair nature of the events. State lawmakers, Dogan claims, should unquestionably be permitted to speak about all forms of legislation on their social media platforms.

When contacted about the incident, Facebook apologized for the events, admitted they had made a mistake and acknowledged that Dogan's post had not violated their policies.


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