A Marijuana Ad Starring a Former Disney Star Was Blocked From Airing During the Oscars

Another ad from a legal cannabis company has been blocked from airing during a major TV event.

The Academy Award swag bags were filled with a host of marijuana-infused goodies this year, but the TV network that aired the event isn't cool with cannabis just yet. When the California cannabis company Lowell Herb Co. attempted to buy a $2 million ad spot during last night's Academy Awards, the sale was blocked from getting both local and national spots by ABC.

The ad stared former Disney star Bella Thorne, showing the "Shake it Up" actress enjoying a joint with some friends in a party setting. Lowell called the commercial a "celebration of California legalization" and Thorne has voiced her own disappointment that the ad had been barred from airing.

"It's a shame that, that message won't be televised…for now," Thorne told Page Six.

Another marijuana ad was similarly blocked by CBS from airing during the Super Bowl last month. As cannabis remains illegal on a federal level in America, it's not surprising that the broadcasters of these huge TV events would be resistant to running cannabis ads. Even running local ads in states that have legalized cannabis can be complicated as marketing regulations for cannabis companies aren't always clear. However, it's probably safe to assume that advertisements actually showing people smoking weed aren't legal anywhere.


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