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A Lone Mailman Attempted To Bring USPS In To The Cannabis Distribution Industry

The NYPD arrested the 57-year-old postal worker Christopher Aiken earlier this week when it was discovered that he was delivering something other than the mail.

The Rosedale Postal Office in Queens, New York received an anonymous tip about a "drug issue" at their facility and decided to take a look into it. Police officers tracked a package they believed contained illegal drugs, which was being carried by Aiken.

While out on his daily route Aiken made a stop at a Rosedale street corner where two men in a BMW pulled up behind him. Aiken retrieved the package from the back of his mail truck and exchanged cash for the parcel. At this time the on-looking police officers proceed to arrest the 3 men, who now face felony cannabis possession charges.

While medical cannabis delivery is legal in New York, this was a pretty ballsy move by Aiken. As a federal agency, the USPS has to abide by federal laws, which means marijuana is strictly forbidden. Talk about sleeping with the enemy.


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