You Have A Keurig For Coffee. How About Beer And Cocktails Too?

Has the sheer effort of cracking open a beer simply become too much to bear?

If so, you’re in luck: Keurig and the makers of Budweiser are joining forces to develop an “in-home alcohol drink system” – so that having a beer can be even easier than literally just taking one out of the fridge. 

The idea is the brainchild of Keuring Green Mountain, the Vermont-based creators of the pod-based coffee machines, and Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Belgian makers of Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois and several other brands.

It will build on technology used for Keurig KOLD, a doomed version of the Keurig that made cold sodas and cost $370, as well as the “brewing and packaging technology” of AB InBev.

While the details of how the system itself will actually function haven't been released, there are several other insta-beer appliances currently on the market. Take SodaStream's Beer Bar, for example, a device available in Germany and Switzerland which requires the user to add freshly carbonated water to concentrate. There's also the US-available PicoBrew, which uses large Keurig-like pods filled with hops and grains to brew beer over five days. 

It's hard to say whether Keurig's version will be like its contemporaries, or even when the appliance will be made available. All that's been revealed at this point is that the North American-focused project will include capabilities for beer, spirits, cocktails and mixers.

"We're thrilled to be moving forward with this joint venture and look forward to working closely with the Keurig Green Mountain team to explore the possibilities of what we can achieve together," said Nathaniel Davis, CEO of the project.

Keurig CEO Bob Gamgort has also expressed his excitement over the project offering: “We look forward to combining our capabilities and technologies to deliver innovation for consumers.”

h/t USA Today, National Post 


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