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A Houston Couple Got A Side Of Marijuana With Their McDonald's Order

Anyone who's ordered fast-food knows what it's like to get the wrong order, but few can say they accidentally received marijuana with their food. That's exactly what happened to Charlene and Terrance Norris - a Houston couple who say they got a side of cannabis when they visited a local McDonald's recently.

Charlene told Fox 26 that they didn't realize they got a pot combo until they returned home.

“As soon as I opened it, there was marijuana sitting right on the top inside of a sandwich bag, right on top of the food. I immediately screamed for him and was like, 'Babe, come here! Come see what’s going on!'”

After the couple took a picture of their surprise bag of cannabis, they called McDonald's to find out what happened, but the staff couldn't explain to Terrance how cannabis became a burger topping.

"He tells me that he gave my food to somebody else that was at the counter and then they gave that food back to me and so the first question I asked was, 'So why would you give food to somebody else that they opened and give it back to me?,' because then initial reason he said was the burgers that they had were plain and they ordered plain burgers and so they gave that back to me and I was like, 'That’s cross contamination, why would you give that back to me?'”

The couple received a refund and a replacement order, but they're no closer to understanding how the marijuana ended up in their take-out bag.

"We called the police, we called the officers, we had someone come out and pick it up because we did not want that on our hands,” Charlene added. 

But they're probably in the minority there. No doubt many McDonald's fans in Houston will start ordering a quarter-ouncer with cheese.


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