A Hot Tub Theme Park Is Opening In Japan, Of Course

Can’t decide between a day at the spa or a theme park on your next holiday?

Soon, you won’t have to.

The world’s first spa-themed amusement park is set to open its doors this summer in Japan’s Beppu City (roughly an hour-and-a-half flight from Tokyo.)

The concept was first teased in a video released last year, which showed visitors splashing around in rollercoaster carts filled with hot water and playing games in a steam-filled arcade, among other spa/theme park crossover activities.  

Beppu mayor Yasuhiro Nagano vowed to viewers that construction on the park, coined Yuenchi, would begin as soon as the video hit one million views. It quickly surpassed that number.

The city, already famous for its hot springs, is now hoping to fundraise 100 million yen (or roughly $887,721 USD) for the project through a campaign on Japan’s version of Kickstarter, Campfire.

The crowdfunding project, set to launch on Feb. 10, has a target deadline of July 29, which is when park developers intend to open up shop.

“The expectations are big for Yuenchi,” said Nagano. “We’re hoping to create something that will live up to those expectations, delivering fun and excitement.”

h/t Travel and Leisure


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