A Guide to Bringing Weed to Osheaga - One of Canada's Biggest Music Festivals

Osheaga - one of Canada's most popular music festivals - will be allowing concert goers to consume cannabis on-site for the first time this year, but attendees will still have to abide by a few rules.

This is the first time that the annual Montreal-based fest will be hosted since recreational cannabis use became legal for adults in Canada. And it seems that the super popular summer event has decided to embrace marijuana's longstanding association with festival culture by allowing individuals to bring and consume their own cannabis on festival grounds.

But it won't be a cannabis free-for-all at Osheaga this year. The festival has laid out a few rules that attendees have to follow.

If you plan to bring cannabis to Osheaga, it has to be stored in sealed packaging from one of the Canada's licensed cannabis retailers. This means that as long as you've purchased your weed from any legal cannabis dispensary in Canada and you bring it to Osheaga in the package it came in, you'll be ok. Any cannabis that is not in official government-approved packaging will not be allowed on site.

The focus on only allowing legally purchased cannabis on site also means that edibles and infused drinks will be banned from the festival since they cannot be purchased through the legal market in Canada right now (they will become legal this fall).

The Osheaga organizers are also asking people not to bring glass containers or glass smoking paraphernalia with them to the festival either.

The recent announcement will make Osheaga one of the first high profile music festivals to allow cannabis consumption on site. While other large fests in states with legal marijuana - like California's Coachella - have yet to loosen their cannabis regulations, things are moving ahead nicely at one of Canada's most recognizable summer fest.

However, those who were hoping to buy a little legal weed on site are still out of luck. Health Canada currently has strict regulations around how cannabis is marketed and sold in areas where underage individuals are present, and cannabis businesses are currently banned from appearing at all-ages concerts like Osheaga.

But, the good news is that Osheaga will let you bring as much as 30 grams of cannabis onto the festival grounds, which is the current legal possession maximum in Canada. And if that isn't enough to get you through the festivals four days you can always pop over to the nearest Société québécoise du cannabis location and stock up.

h/t: Montreal Gazette


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