A Georgia Family Has Lost Custody Of Their Child After Giving Him Cannabis To Treat Seizures

Suzeanna and Matthew Brill are being charged with reckless conduct for treating their son's seizures with cannabis. Child Services now has custody of the child.

The Georgia couple say their son suffers from near constant seizures and after trying several prescription medications, including cannabis oil, the family turned to cannabis flower. Now, they are being charged for giving their son marijuana. But, Matthew says it was to help their son and they're not ashamed of their actions.

"We openly admitted to them in front of Twiggs County sheriff's deputies," Matthew Brill told 13WMAZ. "I smoke it first. I know where it comes from, I know my people."

The Brills say that previously to using cannabis their son suffered several seizures a day, now he's 71 days seizure free.

"Nothing else was working," said Suzeanna Brill. "I can't have my kid dying because no one wants to listen."


Proponents of the War on Drugs often claim that it's about keeping communities safe. But US drug laws are based less on public health and more on social control, according to Diane Goldstein—Chair of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP). "I think what's critically important is that most Americans recognize that, inherently, our drug laws have never been about public health," Goldstein told Civilized.