A Drive-Thru Cannabis Dispensary Just Opened Up In Washington State

The first drive-thru cannabis dispensary just opened for business in Washington state. And the staff of Joint Rivers are thrilled to be following in the footsteps of the Nevada-based shop Cannabis Marketplace, which became the very first drive-thru dispensary when it opened in November 2017.

"We are grateful and excited to provide great cannabis products with stellar customer service by the most educated and professional team in the Pacific Northwest," General Manager Audra Jagger told Federal Way Mirror.

But some Auburn residents aren't happy about the drive-thru venue because the city set a limit on the number of dispensaries allowed in its jurisdiction at 2 stores. Joint Rivers makes three, but the owners got around that cap by setting up shot on land belonging the Muckleshoot Indian Reserve, which is just outside city limits.

"We didn’t know that that building was going in except that it has utility service from Auburn, so we service the water line; that’s how we found out they were going to build a building," said Jeff Tate, interim planning director for the City of Auburn. "Generally, we don’t know what is going to go in a building there until signs go up advertising what it is."

The Muckleshoot Tribe holds sovereignty within their reserve and are free to establish cannabis dispensaries as they see fit. Joint Rivers building permit review, planning and development were all handled by the Tribe.

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