A Canadian Supermarket Chain Will Sell Recreational Cannabis In One Province

The major Canadian supermarket chain Loblaws has secured licensing to sell recreational cannabis at 10 of their locations in Newfoundland and Labrador.

While shoppers won't be able to walk into their local Loblaws location and pick up a bag of cannabis off the shelf, it will be available to adults over the counter.

“It would be available behind the counter, in small, existing tobacco shops, adjacent but separate to our Dominion [the name of the Loblaws locations in NL] grocery stores,” Catherine Thomas wrote in an emailed statement to the Financial Post.

Loblaws is perhaps the largest grocery store chain in Canada, and while they will not be able to scale their businesses to all of the Canadian provinces, they have the potential to reap huge profits from the legal cannabis trade if things go well for them in Newfoundland.

This isn't the first move towards cannabis for Loblaws either. Back in 2016 the company applied to distribute medical marijuana through their drug store chain, Shoppers Drug Mart.

Now, if only we could see some weed infused jam-jams we'd be all set.


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