A Canadian Politician Just Said Legalizing Marijuana Will Spark Massive Bloodshed And A Communist Revolution

Legalizing marijuana will plunge Canada into a Communist revolution that will cause massive loss of life, according to an Alberta lawmaker. Yesterday, Ron Orr — an MLA for the United Conservative Party (pictured above with a Stormtrooper) — rose in the provincial legislature to launch an anti-marijuana tirade that suggested legalizing cannabis would lead to catastrophic social change just like smoking opium caused the Communist revolution in China, according to his version of history.

"Here's the thing about the opium trade in China," Orr said to kickoff his bizarre statement. "It began as a medical thing, then it started to become something that was a fashionable refined pastime, especially among the young."

That connection between opium and marijuana is tenuous at best, but it was enough to get the 'Reefer Madness' gears in Orr's head moving.

"We have today a fashionable, refined pastime among the young, which is smoking marijuana," he noted. "And, unfortunately, now it leads to other things which are much more dangerous and much more destructive."

Those 'dangerous things' include mass executions and the rise of communism, apparently.

“Their whole society [in China] was so broken down and debilitated by it that it contributed to the Chinese Cultural Revolution under the communists, the execution of thousands of people, dealers were executed, fields were plowed under and planted with real food and I, for one, am not really willing to go down this road," Orr continued. "The human tragedy of what’s going to happen with this has yet to be revealed. Yes, opium smoking like marijuana was a fashionable refined pastime especially among the young – but I’ll tell you something, it doesn’t lead to the good life. It’s an escape.”

The strangest part of Orr's speech might be that he targeted marijuana instead of a more obvious parallel between Chinese history and the present, where prescription painkillers derived from opium are killing thousands of Canadians and tens of thousands of Americans every year while crooked drug companies profit from the devastation. Marijuana could actually help end that socially disruptive epidemic by offering an alternative to opioid-based painkillers like Percocet and weaning people off their addiction.

But none of that gets mentioned in Orr's remarks, which you can check out in full in the clip below.

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