A Bar In Brooklyn Is Accepting Amputated Man Buns For Booze

Would you surrender your man bun for a bottle of booze? A bar in Brooklyn is counting on it.

The “Man Bun Special” at Boobie Trap – a bar in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighbourhood – promises “one full booze bottle in exchange for one bun removal.”

“I don’t think they [man buns] are cute and just think I’ve seen way too many of them last season and want to help along a new style sensation,” Boobie Trap co-owner Kristen North told Brokelyn, adding that patrons can qualify for the unconventional special by allowing bar operators to “film the amputation and pin the bun up on the wall.”

The sign advertising the deal was put up shortly after Christmas. As of January 3, when North was last interviewed about the Man Bun Special, there had been no takers.  

It now seems North may have nipped the deal in the bun (or at least the act of promoting it) after a tidal wave of media exposure in recent weeks. She recently told local site Bushwick Patch: “We are no longer commenting on the special. It was meant to be silly cause after all we are in the business of getting people drunk and that’s all.”

All that said, there’s no indication that the offer no longer stands. So if you’re thirsty in Brooklyn and looking to shake up your look, this may be your lucky day (and your girlfriend's - who's likely been begging you to chop that thing off for months.) 

h/t Travel and Leisure, Bushwick Patch, Brokelyn.


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