A 360 Dunk for National Oreo Cookie Day

104 years ago on March 6, the National Biscuit Company, now Nabisco, introduced the 'Oreo Biscuit', which later changed its name to 'Oreo Sandwich', 'Oreo Creme Sandwich', and finally 'Oreo'. To honor the anniversary, today is National Oreo Cookie Day. People are celebrating on social media with a tall glass of milk, sharing several methods to eat the cookie. Some prefer eating the cookie whole, breaking it apart, eating the cream first, the strategies are endless, causing much debate online. Regardless, it's National Oreo Cookie Day, so there's no wrong way to eat an Oreo! 


For cannabis enthusiasts living in adult use states, long gone are the days of sneaking around with a dime bag in a coat pocket and worrying about whether the neighbors know you’ve got weed. But the sad truth is that, for millions of Americans living in prohibition or restrictive medical-only states, accessing safe and regulated cannabis is still a problem. But does that mean that those living without access to the regulated market are abstaining from cannabis altogether?

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