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Watch: John Oliver Says 911 Needs Your Help

Technology keeps moving in leaps and bounds, but some industries are lagging behind the latest trends due to financial constraints. One service that needs a lot of help is your local 911 center, as John Oliver revealed on the latest episode of "Last Week Tonight".

In a not-so-funny segment, Oliver showed that Uber and Facebook might have a better chance at zeroing in on your location in states like Virginia, where dispatchers couldn't locate reporters phoning from within the 911 center.

"I can check in on Facebook and it will tell you exactly what building I'm in," one dispatcher lamented. "But when you call 911, we don't get that accurate information. So the technology's out there. It's just not getting to us at this point."

And that gap in their service costs lives. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates that more than 10,000 lives could be saved each year if 911 services were better equipped to find callers.

911's financial woes might surprise you since fees for the service likely appear on your phone bill. But Oliver says that at least 20 states are diverting those fees to other programs. That financial drain causes problems with staffing dispatch centers, let alone equipping them with the latest tech.

"Right now, go to Google, put in 'understaffed 911 dispatch' and your town, and see what comes up....It seems 911 staffing problems are one of those things that a ridiculous number of cities have, like a Chinatown or a statue of someone racist."

Watch the full clip to find out how safe your state is:


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