Over 70 People Arrested at One Party for Possession of Less Than Ounce of Marijuana

As many people are celebrating marijuana becoming legal in California to start the new year, it's important to remember that most of the country continues to institute archaic drug laws. And one group of party guests found out the hard way.

A group of people in Georgia were getting together to celebrate a 21st birthday. Unfortunately, the party ended when cops arrived saying they received reports of gunshots. The people at the party said it was actually fireworks, but that didn't stop the cops from investigating the party. They discovered marijuana and promptly arrested over 70 (that's right, 70) people for possession of less than one ounce of cannabis.

It's unclear how the police determined these arrests. Did they find marijuana at the party and charge everyone, without any evidence who the cannabis belonged to or who was using it? Did literally everyone at that party have less than one ounce of marijuana on them? Highly unlikely. It seems like the cops were incredibly overzealous and wanted to make a bunch of arrests.

Georgia still has laws against marijuana possession. Although if the party had taken place 40 miles further south in Atlanta, all 70 of the party guests arrested would only have been subjected to a $75 fine, not jail time.

Seems like a great way to ruin 70 people's lives for no good reason.

(h/t WMAZ)


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