Not all of us are as fortunate as Mark Twain or Teddy Roosevelt, with an isolated shack, or an elegantly-appointed trophy room in which to lock ourselves away and recharge. Constructing a weed-friendly man-cave represents a departure from your day-to-day, quotidian existence in the rat race, and the location needs to reflect that.

1. Location, Location, Location

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Consider the type of space where you feel most at home: do you dig big windows? Cozy, subterranean lair? Potential cave locations include your garage, attic, or even just a spare room in the basement (provided it's equipped with a sturdy lock.) Your getaway should be an oasis - wherever it is, you can't be disturbed.

2. Ventilation

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Lighting up with your feet on the ottoman and butt comfortably ensconced in an easy chair is v. chill - especially for suburban dads and other justifiably-paranoid types who can't spark a joint outdoors. Yet the stale ghost of blunts past is gross to even the most seasoned smoker. Proper ventilation, whether a commercial-grade smoke eater or a high-quality air purifier, ensures no unwanted skunky redolence haunts the fortress of solitude. If you're not willing to shell out for one of the hi-tech solutions, cracking open the window and running an exhaust fan is better than nothing.

3. Sealing the deal

This is supposed to be your sanctuary: the last thing you want is to bug the rest of your household with secondhand smoke. While ventilation will take your stealth to a certain level, spray foam insulation the best way to make sure the smoke doesn't leak out. According to Cigar Aficionado, which knows a lot about this subject, getting pros to insulate your average 20- by 15-foot room will set you back between $2,000 - $3,000. If that's too steep, and you're feeling adventurous, you can try your luck with a DIY kit.

4. Storage

Once you settle in for an evening of primo relaxation, you don't want to venture out for anything. A specially-designed storage solution like a Cannador keeps your supplies in one place safely, discretely, and in style: a two-way humidity system ensures every trichome stays sticky and potent. Bonus: a specially-designed container seals in the odor of fresh greens.

5. Recreational opportunities

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Think carefully about what you want to do after a heavy session: are you a introspective and quiet? Equip the cave with some noise-cancelling headphones and a sweet gaming setup. If you crave more physical action, maybe a Wii, or a foosball or air-hockey table. Vintage pinball machine? Ms Pac-Man arcade game? Darts? Get on eBay and start indulging the wildest dreams of your slacker self. It's all about you.

6. Decor

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This is where you can give your personal style free reign: think soundproofed audiophile paradise with wall-to-wall vintage band posters. 1950s surf shack. Prohibition-era speakeasy vibe with a stocked whiskey bar and a reserve of fine cigars in mahogany boxes. How you deck out your leisure space sets the tone for your off-time.

7. Free time

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You've got the design nailed down, proper air flow, party supplies, entertainment, and vibe: now, all you need is the time out of your busy schedule to enjoy it. Easier said than done, perhaps.

h/t Cigar Aficianado