7 Things You've Been Using Wrong Your Entire Life

Most people use their everyday objects without realizing they’re actually using those items wrong. On a daily basis, people consume Chinese take-out, freshen their breath with Tic Tacs, and clip their hair back with bobby pins, but they’re doing it all wrong. Even though these items still work when they’re used improperly, when used right, they are more efficient.

First, even though it’s commonly consumed on a daily basis, most people are eating Chinese take-out wrong. Most Chinese food comes in the typical Chinese take-out boxes, which most people eat out of as is, but they’re wrong. The containers are actually designed to fold out into convenient paper plates that don’t require any cleaning. Also, Play-Doh, which is now an iconic children’s toy, was actually originally created for the purpose of cleaning wallpaper. So rather than kneading the Play-Doh into fun shapes as most children do, it’s meant to be kneaded into the wall. Another everyday item that is used wrong is the standard pot, which most people don’t realize comes with a built-in spoon holder in the hole at the end of the pot handle. Rather than making the counter a mess with dirty spatulas, cooks can keep clean if they use pots and all everyday objects properly.  


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