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5 Stocking Stuffers For The Pot Lover On Your List

Insert joke about Christmas trees here: 'tis the season to spread love and goodwill.

What better way to show your appreciation for 420-friendly friends and family than a gift tailored to enhance their enjoyment of marijuana? Here are seven stocking stuffers that'll do just that.

1. Kush Kaddie

This hard-shelled, vacuum-sealed case is the culmination of a joint effort from Kush Kaddie and food storage pros Tightvac: perfect storage solution for bringing your pipe, accessories, and stash on that weekend trip without stinking up the place. Simply slide off the lid, place your glassware and other essentials in the padded interior and slide the lid back on. Your gear is now encased in a vacuum-sealed, padded hardshell container. $19.99 from Amazon.

2. Joint-shaped candles

Jazz up your brownie, cupcake, or other special holiday baking with their gag candles made to look like a, ahem, hand-rolled cigarette. Not only are these the perfect gift for folks who light up your life - but they also serve as a warning that your treats contain a secret ingredient. These fake Js will run you considerably less than the real thing, too, at just $2.49 from Amazon.

3. Cannabis perfume

Normally, smelling like pot is something we all want to avoid; however, this scented oil from Malin & Goetz embraces the spicy signature scent of cannabis. With "top notes of fig and pepper, middle notes of orange and lemon, and base notes of sandalwood and patchouli," it's got some serious hippie appeal. Malin & Goetz seem to have the vice market perfume cornered: they also sell a unisex, bergamot and plum-based Dark Rum eau de toilette.

4. Hemp Moisture High Expert Gift Set

Yes, smartypants: we know that hemp isn't the same as cannabis. But the marketing for this super steal of a deal makes it a natural pick for the image-conscious cannabis connoisseur. Gift set includes hemp hand protector, hemp body butter, a mini-container of hemp foot protector, plus lip conditioner. All of that's got a cute, leafy logo, and each is enriched with Community Fair Trade organic hemp seed oil from England. $52, $39 from the Body Shop.

5. Titanium Space Case Grinder

Often imitated, rarely duplicated: the original Space Case grinder comes in a variety of metals, including this matte black titanium version, and aircraft-grade aluminum. Teflon grade O-rings make for smooth grinding, and the razor-sharp teeth are perfect for shredding. Magnet closure. Get this small but mighty stocking stuffer for $79.99 from Space Case.

Whatever green gifts you've got on the go: complete the theme by wrapping it up in some sweet floral paper and crafty cannabis-themed tags.


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