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7 Signs Someone Will Probably Be Bad At Sex

When we find someone we’re attracted to, there’s an immediate connection accompanied by butterflies in the stomach. Sometimes this connection only goes so far because when it’s time to take the next step in the relationship, it can unfortunately be very disappointing and unexpected. When the connection is so strong, this can be very discouraging, but there are telltale signs that somebody will probably be bad in bed so you can avoid this in the future.

Although it’s unexpected, a way to note if a person is probably bad in bed is by the way they eat. First, if your partner is a picky eater, expect him or her to be just as picky in the bedroom. Sex sometimes has a lot of uncomfortable and awkward sounds and smells, so if your partner is easily disgusted by food, it’s probably she or he will be easily as disgusted in bed. Also, if your significant other orders the same meal every single time you go out to eat, expect the same consistency in bed. In the same way that he or she won’t try new dishes, the same is probably true in the bedroom, so you most likely won’t ever spice things up. Even though we do feel insecure or defensive about how we perform in the bedroom, everyone has a bad or subpar day.


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