The 7 Craziest Myths About Canada

 During the 2016 Election many American citizens claimed they were moving to Canada if the election didn’t go as they had hoped. For many, the election certainly didn’t go as planned, and yet there hasn’t been a huge flock of people fleeing to Canada. Other than the proximity factor, many Americans made plans, or said they made plans, to relocate because on the surface, Canada is culturally similar to the United States, plus there wouldn’t be a language barrier. However, when it comes to the American idea of what Canada is really like, much of what they hear is just embellished wisdom, misconceptions, and myths.

First, although Toronto is the country’s financial center, most populous city, and largest city, it is not the country’s capital. Many people assume it is for these reasons, but Ottawa, also located in Ontario, is the capital of Canada. Another common misconception is about Canada’s healthcare system, which many people believe basically grows on trees. Unlike the United States’ private health care system, Canada has a publicly funded health care system that is available to mostly everyone with a few exceptions. Also, filmmaker Michael Moore is also guilty of believing these myths because while shooting his documentary “Bowling for Columbine”, he suggested that Canadians leave their doors unlocked. Although Canada might be safe, it is not safe enough for residents to leave their doors ajar.


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