62 Percent Of Americans Oppose Jeff Sessions’ War On Weed

The current U.S. administration’s stance on marijuana makes us feel like we’ve travelled back in time to the Nixon-era War on Drugs.

In fact, Donald Trump has expressed an interest in reviving the drug war, citing the Phillipines as an example of a place where strong penalties have worked to reduce the amount of drug-related crime (except it really hasn’t).

But almost two-thirds of Americans don’t agree with the position that the federal government has taken on marijuana enforcement federally.

According to the 2018 Civilized Cannabis Culture Poll, conducted with market research company PSB, 62 percent of Americans either oppose or strongly oppose Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ war on weed.

This is something that is evident when you look at the strides that individual states have made with regards to decriminalization and legalization, as the substance is still highly prosecutable under federal law.

Surprisingly, 27 per cent of cannabis users in the United States actually support the position that the federal government has taken with regards to marijuana, although it certainly seems like they’re shooting themselves in the foot there.

But it seems that Jeff Sessions doesn’t really need our permission: he’s still working at a total crackdown of marijuana usage and distribution, even though it’s not what most Americans want.

Banner Image: Win McNamee / Getty Images


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