6 Ways Canada Leads The World

Canada, sometimes known as America’s hat, is known for things like having a queen and being incredibly nice and for having a lot of snow. But despite being only a tiny fraction of the world’s population, there are some surprising ways in which Canada leads the rest of the world, even the exceptional Americans.

Here are 6 ways Canada is leading the rest of the world:

  1. Starbucks locations. Sure, it’s a coffee shop chain started in America, but Canadians love coffee, and nowhere is that more evidenced than in the number of Starbucks locations per capita. 

  2. Highly educated adults. Perhaps due to the added productivity that constantly being hopped up on coffee brings, more than half of the adult population of Canada has at least a graduate degree.

  3. Asteroid Impacts. This one makes sense if you think about it. Canada may have a tiny population, but they have a massive land mass. All that property makes for a nice landing pad for asteroids.

  4. Sustainable tourism. Canada has thousands of square miles of untouched wilderness that can be visited by tourists.

  5. Maple Syrup. 70% of the world’s syrup comes from Canada.

  6. Using the poop emoji. Canadians just love their poop, apparently. The residents of the great white north share the googly-eyed brown emoji at nearly twice the frequency of other countries.

So shine on you maple syrup smelling, hopped up on caffeine, poop-loving, college graduates. Canada may be small, but it’s leading the world in the ways that matter.


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