6 TV Character Catchphrases That You Should Never Use In Real Life

 Today, every TV character has a catchphrase that they say in almost every episode. Although normal to say and repeat in their world, many catchphrases won’t hold up in the real world. A great example of a catchphrase that is frequently used outside of the TV world is from the classic sitcom, “I Love Lucy” in which Ricky yells “Lucy, I’m home!” when he walks through the door. Even though “I Love Lucy” is long gone, people still use this catchphrase also to indicate when they’re home. Unfortunately, not every catchphrase is like this and should be repeated because sometimes, what happens in the TV, stays in the TV.

Steve Urkel for instance, the nerdy neighbor from “Family Matters” who’s always sporting thick glasses, flood pants, and multi-colored cardigans, made a name for himself for reasons other than just his appearance. Although he was just supposed to be a one-off character, Urkel became a fan favorite with all his silly catchphrases and crazy antics. He uses his most famous catchphrase and certainly most annoying, “Did I do that?”, whenever he gets into trouble, which he does often. Urkel also became popular for his other catchphrases including, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”, “Whoa Mama!”, and whenever he’s not causing the trouble, “Look what you did.”


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