6 Things You Can Learn About Marijuana Just By Looking at It

Humans have five senses, and the one we most associate with marijuana is smell. After all, we all can walk into a room and tell if someone’s been hitting a joint. But what can you tell about marijuana just by looking at it?

Here are six things you can learn about cannabis just by sight:

1. Color

Quality cannabis should be green with specks of other colors as well. If your marijuana is brown or faded, it’s probably not high quality stuff. You can also tell different strains apart from their colors (i.e. Granddaddy Purple is going to have purple buds).

2. Crystals

You should also see crystals on your cannabis as well. These crystals are called trichomes, and they determine how much THC is in your strain. So the more crystals you see on your cannabis, the more potent that strain will be.

3. Hairs

Your cannabis should also have little hairs growing all around it, usually they will be orange. These hairs indicate that your cannabis has fully matured and was grown well. If you don’t see the hairs, it indicates your cannabis may have been harvested too early or too late and may not be at its peak.

4. Seeds and Stems

Good marijuana will have minimal visible stems and seeds. You’ll simply see a dense, thick bud. But if you see seeds and stems, you’re probably about to smoke some bad weed.

5. Spider Mites or Other Pests

Another thing you’ll be able to see easily are contaminated strains. Spider mites will produce thin white hairs in your cannabis, and you should also be able to see mold if your strain is tainted as well.

6. Trim

Technically, the trim of a cannabis strain doesn’t have anything to do with how good or bad it is. However, well-trimmed marijuana indicates that the person growing or selling it takes care of their plants and cares about their product. So it may indicate nothing, or it could indicate everything.


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