6 Statistically Proven Facts That No One Wants To Hear

The world we live in is bigger than we know. It is full of information that has yet to be discovered by scientists, researchers, or anyone for that matter. Nowadays, information is easy to come by with quick search engines and the internet constantly consuming news across the world. Some of this information is not so easy to find though, because it may require a bit more discovery and research. Further research may include scientific experiments and surveys to gather data to analyze. Many of the conclusions found from this research is quite shocking and you might not want to hear, but is supported with factual evidence and statistics.  

First, contrary to popular belief and how it’s often portrayed in media, people well into their 70s and 80s still enjoy active sex lives. Although TV and movies often depict older people as having no sex drives, more than 50% of men and over 30% of women older than 70 years old are still sexually active. Of these active older adults, one-third of them admit to having “frequent sex”, defined as at least twice a month. Age has less to do with their active or inactive sex lives than their health and complicated relationships


Anyone who's heard of Christmas knows that Santa Claus gives presents to all the good little boys and girls around the world. But any naughty children will end up with a stocking full of coal. But have you ever wondered why Santa gives out coal to the bad kids?