The 6 Most Chilling Documentaries Available Today

Documentary films intend to document some aspect of reality, and often times, those realities are brutal and sometimes hard to watch. Especially now, with Netflix’s abundant supply of original documentaries, many films hold very little back in revealing the truth as they explore more untold stories.

One of these chilling documentaries is “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father”, a prime example of a good person taking what he learned from a bad situation to better the world. After Kurt Kuenne’s close friend Dr. Andrew Bagby was murdered by his ex-girlfriend, Dr. Shirley Turner, the filmmaker decided to make a film to memorialize Bagby for family and friends. Then, when he learned that Turner was pregnant with Bagby’s son Zachary, Kuenne decided to  make the film as a letter to Zachary from all of Bagby’s loved ones. After Bagby’s death, Turner was accused of first-degree murder, but when she fled to Canada, they allowed her to walk free on bail for a full year and a half. Then, the focus of his film changed when Turner killed again. At that point, he made the film hoping it would be seen by the citizens of Canada, because they had the power to prevent this from happening again by denying bail to people accused of murder.  


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